Common Ground will educate, empower, and equip parents and community members to engage in the raising of the next generation by promoting and defending the Judeo-Christian principles on which the United States was founded.


We desire to live in a community where Judeo-Christian values and biblical principles flourish.

Our Common Ground

Common Ground is a volunteer group that finds common ground in the values we share. These values include

  • The intrinsic value of life at every stage
  • The biblical/traditional definition of marriage and gender
  • The right to raise our children according to our values
  • Our choice for educating our children, whether public, private or homeschool
  • The love of our children and our country

Our focus is on the children in our local community. We are concerned about the effect that society and culture have on their hearts and minds. We will work to counter any negative effects that these have on our children by focusing on the area where we can have the most influence–our local school district, and our city.

Public Schools

A child’s school environment and teacher(s) provide a significant amount of influence on his or her life.  Along with a child’s parents, the school contributes to the molding and shaping of the child’s worldview. Therefore, parents must not only know what their child is experiencing and being taught while at school, they must also, at the appropriate time, provide input to the school district regarding curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

Common Ground will help parents and community members to monitor various aspects of what children are taught and exposed to in the course of a school day. And we will work with parents to ensure that they understand the rights and responsibilities they have as parents.

Public School Initiatives

A working committee will be convened for each project listed here. The team will determine the current status of each activity and formulate a plan for introducing the concept to the school administration.

  • Bring Your Bible to School Day
  • Restore traditional recognition of holidays in the classroom
  • See you at the Pole